In my workshop I engrave hunting weapons and knives with typical traditional ornaments and animal pieces - engraved flat or in relief. Gold and silver inlays for e.g. monograms in pistol grip caps, as well as animal depictions, also according to patterns brought in.

Modern motifs are also possible. I am happy to make individual designs together with your ideas.
In addition, I also engrave jewellery such as pendants, wedding rings, bracelets and watches according to your personal wishes, e.g. monogram, name, date or special symbols.

There are no limits to your imagination, as I only do hand engraving, almost anything is possible!

All materials can be engraved, from precious metals to hardened steel (e.g. knife blades), as well as glass and plastics. Wood and leather can be decorated by me with a burning rod.

Let yourself be inspired here on my website and also have a look at my facebook and instagram presence!

I look forward to fulfilling your wishes with my engraving!