African motifs

Blaser R8 - chiseled with New England arabesques; oryx, blue wildebeest and hartebeest in flat engraving

Arabic motifs

Arabian Mauser Mini - Gold

Typical Arabic pattern was inlaid in gold and silver, that is fine gold wire is inlaid in the steel.

Arabian Mauser Mini - Silver

The Arabic building "Grand Mosque" was inlaid in silver. Finally, the weapon parts were burnished, which means that the steel is dyed black with a solution. Gold and silver are not affected.
The two Arabian Mauser systems are built smaller than the conventional ones. They were exhibited at the "Adihex" in Abhu Dabi in 2019.

Local game

Krieghoff Optima - chiseled with New England arabesques; lettering, monogram engraving and wild boar in flat engraving

Blaser R8 - chiseled with leaf arabesques; deer and chamois in flat engraving

Small game

Blaser F3 - chiseled with leaf arabesques; ducks and pheasant in flat engraving/bulino

Krieghoff K20 - with leaf arabesques pheasants and quails, chiseled and background set deeper


Roundbody - with Old English arabesques and floral bouquet, and roses inlaid in gold

Weilheim block rifle - with oak leaves inlaid in gold

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