The Falcon Damascus Knife


a unique masterpiece


  •  small rose damask, full integral, approx. 200 layers
  •  gyrfalcon was modeled out of one piece
  •  color differences were created by acid treatment
  •  black star sapphires set in gold as eyes
  •  the falcon knife is kept in an ebony box and embedded in sapphire blue velvet


                   The knife is for sale! Price on request.



 Krieghoff K80 – Arabic


  • The design is derived from an Islamic dome pattern
  • The Fibonacci-like pattern was first inlaid with very fine fine gold wires starting from the two screws and increasing in thickness towards the outside of the piece.
  • The gyrfalcon on the bottom and the falcon head on the top were engraved foltorealistically in Bulino style
  • The weapon was exhibited at the Adihex in Abhu Dabi in 2017