Woman nude - knife with deer horn handle

This female nude was photorealistically implemented with fine needle stitches. The roughened surface is then colored with ink


Tiger on ivory - This was my first scrimshaw work. Here I worked more with strokes to imitate the fur texture.

Letter opener floral - ornament chiseled


Falcon letter opener - here a gerfalcon was engraved with scrimshaw technique on a warthog tooth.

The damask pattern of the letter opener was taken up and continued in the tooth material as a background.

Knife deer horn handle - with hop dome as scrimmshaw

Knife and letter opener are made by Lilienstahl from Vienna


The Falcon Damascus Knife (see Highlights for description).

Knife with deer horn handle - writing and ornament engraving

Knifemaker Rene Horat from Switzerland

Celtic braiding - on damask knife.

The motif was plastically engraved, background was set off with chisel and the knot ornamentation was modeled with burin and punches. Background was matted with hallmarks.

Knife was made by Schmidbauer Messer. www.messer-schmidbauer.de

Folding knives with tendril ornamentation - chiseled and punched.

The knives were made by Rieger knives. www.rieger-messer.de